Going for an FTF

9:10, Sunday morning…

I guess we all have a set wake up time; the default wake up time that our bodies prefer. Mine is eight o’clock in the morning. I would like to have a wake up of 6 AM, but that is my forced, wage slavery wake up time and on my Sunday, I only get up early if there is something planned for the day. I began this day by checking email for newly published geocaches. A brand new cache was published at midnight AND it is just down the road from home! Looks like local cacher tardiskey placed one in Harkness. We dressed and downed a cup of coffee, drove a mile to the park before 9 AM. (It was freezing and we were in a hurry, otherwise we could walk.)

Harkness Memorial State Park; overlooking Long Island Sound and Orient Point

An incredibly sunny and clear winter day. As usual lately, we had numbing wind and biting cold but it was bearable bundled up and on a mission. GZ was easily found and I spotted the fake rock right away. Anticipation time as Steve pulled off the bottom of the CC to reveal…a single small piece of wired notepad paper. On top was written a scratchy LOG and it was signed by the LOG writer: kayakgz. Hmmmmm. This has happened before with a tardiskey cache and a kayakgz FTF. Well, nothing to do but sign as STS at 9:10am, log it on the app and wait for others to log. GC8M2A8

Now we figure out plans for the rest of our days adventures.

Deviant Donuts

Deviant Donuts offers two new gluten free flavors each weekend…these are Mudslide (top) and Maple Bacon

My morning began on a sour note. I didn’t sleep well because of pain and problems and it was very hard to get motivated. We were planning to meet a friend for breakfast at the Bleu Squid in the Olde Mystik Village AND afterwards, I could walk over to Vault Coffee Roasters for the weekend only Deviant Donuts. I admit, this became my motivation. Anticipating the new donut flavor menu on my Wednesday insta feed is a ritual now and planning the weekend run is a new hobby. Sad but true: I have an artisan donut addiction.

Today’s offerings
A new savory donut…not gluten free.

RI Historic Cemetery #13

On our way home, we grabbed a geocache smiley from one of our favorite places to cache: historic cemeteries.

approaching #13
caches cannot be placed in RI historic cemeteries without permission
the most ornate headstone in this cemetery
a view from the back
the geocache…our second golf-ball-in-a-cemetery CC

Tilted Barn Brewery: Rhode Island’s first farm brewery

Thursdays from 5-8, Fridays from 12-8, and Saturdays from 1-4. One Hemsley Pl, Exeter, RI 02822. They offer cans, bottles, tastings and 10 oz pours. State limit: 24 cans.

After speaking with a fellow craft beer enthusiast who warned us we might miss seeing the original Tilted Barn if we don’t visit soon, we made it a mission to hustle on down to this Exeter, RI working farm and brewery.

The Tilted Barn began as a hops farm back in 2007. Ocean State Hops was Rhode Island’s first commercial hops farm. Matt and Kara Richards supplied local home brewers and craft breweries with locally cultivated hops…local beer, locally grown. As they rightly remind us on their webpage: NO FARMS, NO BEER!

the Tilted Barn exterior

We meandered our way through Exeter on route 102 to route 2, then down a long dirt road (past the future site of the new brewery) to the farm. It was bustling but we found a parking spot by the animal fencing. I did not get to see the donkey I have admired on Instagram but I did meet two lovely lab ‘greeters’ in front of the barn. A few Girl Scouts were selling cookies and the red barn door was barely open. Once we nudged our way inside, we could tell why…they were conserving heat in this tall, old lovely barn! The upper level featured a balcony of beer enthusiasts socializing, sipping and smiling. I do not know how they all fit up there. We stood in line for just a few minutes. Phil was very patient with us as we explained that this was our first visit and we were told we HAD to see the old barn set-up before the new brewery is built. He told us to come back in spring when the weather warms up and we can enjoy the pond and the food trucks.

the beautiful rafters …the barn has been in Kate’s family for more than 50 years

Steve picked out a few cans and was stuck on the last choice. Phil asked, “What do you like?” and Steve hemmed and hawed so I had to chime in, “He likes high ABV!” That pretty much settled the final selection. The entire transaction took less than 10 minutes from parking to carting our 8 cans and a bottle to the car. I imagine that this changes on release days and in warmer weather. I heard it can be mobbed (and they sell out!) The brewery is well loved by locals and travelers alike.

offerings…we chose four cans and a bottle
  • Waterlemon Cay DIPA
  • Cactus DIPA
  • Pasture FARMHOUSE
  • Taste the Great IPA
  • Katahdin Fields MIXED CULTURE FARMHOUSE, bottled

so crowded inside, very patient staff…thanks, Phil!

**The new brewery is slated to be open for the late summer of 2020 when they also hope to extend their hours. **

a quick snap of the sign on the way out

Babcock House

Babcock House, Westerly, Rhode Island
walking in the back door, one meets the very large and beautiful hearth
built by a fortune in granite

After breakfast we attended a geocaching event at Babcock House in Westerly, RI.

this was a wealthy colonial woman’s kitchen
original to the house, original color restored